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The Crossroads Of Baron Samedi

This project was part of a design challenge I competed in during fall of 2020. I worked with industry professionals and themed entertainment students from all over the country to create a land themed to fit within the former New Orleans Six Flags location. 

The Crossroads of Baron Samedi is our main attraction within our themed land, Spirit's Crossing. The ride is a shooter-based attraction in which you travel through Baron Samedi's home and help collect relics to the underworld. 

Baron Samedi is a voodoo legend and is master of both the living and dead.  His powers are especially great when it comes to Vodou curses and black magic. By researching and understanding the history of this character, we were about to design a ride that captures the Baron's mischievous spirit and helps bring the guest to the underworld in a spooky, not scary, way. 

My team and I created this attraction storyline together, and I worked on illustration and signage for the ride. 

Project Details:​

  • Other Credits: Celine Desaix, Alex Kaplan, Theron Langhorne, Kelly Bailey, Sara Greewood, Kelsey Connolly 

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