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Spirits Crossing

This project was part of a design challenge I competed in during fall of 2020. I worked with industry professionals and themed entertainment students from all over the country to create a land called Spirits Crossing themed to fit within the former New Orleans Six Flags location. 

Spirits' Crossing is a town built to stand between life and death by the Guede family of spirit guides. Guests can explore life as each guide remembers it best. Everything feels a little spooky and otherworldly - watch out for the portals to the underworld that are scattered throughout. 

My team and I created this land storyline together. I worked on logo design and Main ID signage elements for the land, Spirits Crossing, as well as logo design for 2 shops within the area.  

Project Details:​

  • Other Credits: Celine Desaix, Alex Kaplan, Theron Langhorne, Kelly Bailey, Sara Greewood, Kelsey Connolly

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