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1375 Peachtree

1375 Peachtree, also known as Pershing Point, is one of ASD SKY's most ambitious projects. Combining architecture, environmental graphics, signage, branding and interior design; this complete revamp in Midtown Atlanta, was definitely a challenging project. Our graphics team was brought on to create interior environmental graphics and exterior signage. Additionally, one of our largest projects was reimagining the parking garage.  

As the project progressed, the team developed a really intriguing branding identity for the space. We used a bright red orange as our accent color and focused on mesh metals interacting with the wall spaces. We brought the same mesh look to the environmental graphics by creating dotted patterns, which are carried throughout the building. A soft green compliments the bright orange color in spaces which are more dimly lit. Lots of color and ambitious graphics help to make the parking garage easier to navigate and bring it up to date with Atlanta's colorful design trends.




10.0 Environmental Graphics-02.jpg
10.0 Environmental Graphics-01.jpg
20.0 Level A South - Elevator Lobby Grap
20.0 Level A South - Elevator Lobby Grap
20.0 Level A South - Elevator Lobby Grap
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