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SeaWorld San Diego

Arctic Rescue

SeaWorld San Diego wanted to create a themed family coaster to replace the Wild Arctic simulator ride. One of the most unique aspects of Wild Arctic was that after your "helicopter tour", you exit through a highly thematic Arctic Rescue base to see real life arctic animals and a variety of interactive exhibits. The client wanted to keep this experience but reuse the existing ride space as queue and a ride station for Arctic Rescue, family coaster. 

This was one of my favorite projects because I had a major part in story development and execution from concept to opening. Reusing the existing Main ID structure was a challenge, but I was able to create a new and unique brand identity and experience for this coaster and exhibit that also captured the nostalgia of the previous attraction. 

It had to be clear to guests that this building housed 2 separate experiences: Wild Arctic, the animal experience; and Arctic Rescue; the family coaster. This was achieved through simple color changes throughout the queues and an easy-to-follow wayfinding system. I was inspired by topographic maps and creating a map in concept of your journey on this attraction. About half of the signage on this attraction is retrofit to exisiting structure to help with project cost. 

The client did want to keep the existing Wild Arctic logo, but the Arctic Rescue logo was something I developed for the new attraction. 

The coaster vehicle is a snow mobile and is an original mold created for this ride. I created final artwork for the vehicle as applied vinyl and over saw the installation. 

My role on this area was Lead graphic designer. concept artist, illustrator, and art director. I created all graphics, signage, assisted with thematic element/prop design for this attraction, as well as thematic painted murals. 

Project Details:

  • Client: SeaWorld San Diego

  • Other Credits: Project Manager: Jim Dee, Project Architect: Alex Ramirez, Theming: Jason Mills

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