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SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Ocean

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi was a 10+ year project, to which I worked on mainly for nearly 4 years. Its mission is to teach guests about conservation and how we are all part of the One Ocean. Portals allow guests to be transported to different oceans where they can meet animal ambassadors, explore interactive play areas and experiences, and learn more about our One Ocean.

Abu Dhabi Ocean is the entry portal that leads you into the hub of the park - One Ocean. In Abu Dhabi Ocean you will find a stylized version of Abu Dhabi complete with cultural traditions, whimsical shows, and rescued local animals - like the Dugong. 


My role on this area was Lead graphic designer and Theming. I illustrated and created over 100 signs for this area, including many portals, exterior entry signage, and a wayfinding system to which we executed throughout the park. 

My favorite part of working on this area developing a whimsical water color illustration style and getting to illustrate traditions like Dhow Boating, pearl diving, and the beautiful sea creatures of the area. It was very interesting as well getting to work hand and hand with Arabic speakers and cultural ambassadors from the area to ensure that everything I was drawing was accurate.


One of the craziest, but most fulfilling illustrations was "the Kamal" (seen to your lower left). This is an ancient compass used by explorers on  ships. I ended up having to research what the constellations would look like in ancient times in order to give an accurate depiction of the man using the Kamal for navigation. I loved getting to add these special levels of details to signage and illustrations.

Project Details:

  • Client: Miral, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

  • Other Credits: Project Architect: Denise Schaberg, Lead Story Experience: Carol Breeze, Species IDs: Chiara Andriole, Zoe Perlow

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