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3333 Riverwood Parkway

This project was for ASD SKY's clients Wyatt Reality Company and Sweetwater Holdings.


This goal of this project was to first create branding for the remodeled office park. I worked on logo concepts, branding, and then our team developed schematic renders for primary exterior and interior signage.


While doing the concept branding, I tried to look abstractly at "3333" as shapes and line work to create a logo with movement, simplicity and a main interest in the interaction of lines and space. Our team then integrated the logo into signage; focusing on large, geometric patterns and intersecting shapes. 

09.10.19_ Portfolio edits-03.jpg
09.10.19_ Portfolio edits-04.jpg
09.10.19_ Portfolio edits-05.jpg
09.10.19_ Portfolio edits-07.jpg
09.10.19_ Portfolio edits-06.jpg
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