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Tech Square

Located in Midtown Atlanta, Tech Square has the highest density of startups, corporate innovators, and academic researchers in the entire southeastern United States. ASD SKY was given the task to reinvent the main exterior signage for the area.


This project was unique because it was located in Midtown, which has a very distinct set of signage and building code. The previous signs were built before the codes were in place, so in order to abide by the code, we had to think of a way to retrofit the current signs.

The signs to be retrofit had to utilize their current base and the "bone structure" of the existing signs. We examined the aspects of start ups, technology, and the Midtown area to try to match the signs with the "Tech Square" brand. Routed patterns are used to create interest while remaining modern and timeless. The Overlapping of shapes and shadows is used to break up the large canvas we had to work with.

1.0 A - Primary Tenant Monument_portfoli
2.0 B - Plaza Main ID_Portfolio Edits-01
3.0 C - Building ID_Portfolio Edits-01.j
4.0 E - Projecting Sign.jpg
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