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Assembly Yards

Assembly Yards is a progressive, adaptive reuse community; a one-of-a-kind hub for art, technology, creativity, living, recreation and commerce. The new development also told us that the area would house residential lofts, food halls, a rail park and a film studio. 

As the development was in pre-construction stages, Our team at ASD SKY was asked to come up with graphic explorations to be used as part of the marketing campaign and to be printed as the construction banners.

These are some of my favorite iterations. I tried to emphasize all of the diverse aspects of the

multi-use property, as well as incorporating brand colors. Linear patterns were created to relate to the development's past life as a railroad hub and car manufacturing plant. Assembly yards chose 4 of my graphics to be used for their marketing campaign. 

Presentation 1-02.jpg
Presentation 1-03.jpg
Presentation 1-04.jpg
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