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Hi! I'm Alex,

and I can truthfully say that my entire life I've wanted to be a themed experience designer. I love the art of
story telling through design, and creating products and experiences that encourage play, curiosity, and exploration.
Professionally, I've had the opportunity to live and work in Atlanta, San Francisco, and St. Louis and design for a wide range of clients. Currently, I am a designer for PGAV Destinations in Orlando; where I create epic experiences at world renowned Theme Parks, Aquariums, Zoos, Museums, and much more.
I thrive being able to learn new aspects of design and am not afraid to ask questions while doing so. I love traveling and seeing where projects take me: Adventure is out there! Often inspired by 1980's EPCOT, National Parks, and whatever movie soundtrack is stuck in my head that week. Lover of ceramics, all the snacks, bad jokes, and great design. 
Thanks for exploring my portfolio! 
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